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TuneSpan Privacy Information

TuneSpan utilizes two third-party frameworks (Paddle Analytics and HockeyApp Crash Reporting) which users can enable by opting-in. These frameworks can collect and transmit information to their associated services for TuneSpan developers to access. Other than these two frameworks, TuneSpan does not transmit any information to Random Applications (the developer of TuneSpan).

These Analytics and Crash Reporting frameworks can be enabled or disabled at anytime in the Privacy Options section of the General Preferences in TuneSpan.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

TuneSpan uses Paddle for Opt-In Analytics
Read more about Paddle Privacy: Paddle Privacy Policy and GDPR Readiness

When a user allows TuneSpan to collect and transmit analytics the following events are tracked anonymously:

Paddle Analytics also includes an anonymous system profile (including City, Country, Region, User Language, Device Type, Operating System, and Application Version). All events are tracked anonymously and the statistics will only be used to better understand how TuneSpan is used, and how it's functioning, to help make it better in the future.

TuneSpan uses HockeyApp (by Microsoft) for Opt-In Crash Reporting
Read more about HockeyApp Privacy: HockeyApp Legal Information and Microsoft Privacy Statement

After TuneSpan crashes, a user can be prompted to send details and a crash report. Or, a user can opt-in to automatically send reports without being prompted.

In the Problem Report window, a user can choose to include their Name, Email, and Comments about how the crash was triggered.

HockeyApp only includes the problem details and system configuration which can be viewed in the expandable details of the Problem Report window.